Online Rugby Betting

With rugby being one of the most popular sports in the country, and sports betting growing all the time, it makes sense that rugby betting is becoming more and more popular as well. With the international and national wagering options that are at your fingertips, you have access to great online rugby betting options with better odds than ever before.

There are two types of this sport, Rugby Union and Rugby League, that are played professionally, and you can bet on both. They have different rules, and Union Rugby is a little slower than League Rugby. In Union games, possession contests mean that there are only about thirty-five minutes of playing time, while in League games there are usually about fifty minutes of ball play. Both are very popular and great fun to watch and place rugby bets on.

Best Rugby Betting Odds & Tips

Rugby has two main competitions: the National Rugby League (NRL) and the State of Origin (SOR). In the NRL, sixteen clubs compete to win the premiership, and in the SOR teams originating from Queensland and New South Wales compete in a three-game series. Most League bets are available for NRL and SOR games, including straight Head-to-Head betting and Line or Points betting that awards a handicap to the underdog. Point bets also involve enhanced odds. Margin betting and many kinds of exotic and team strategy rugby bets are also waiting to be explored.

Rugby Union Sports Betting

However you are enjoying your rugby betting, your biggest decision is deciding which team or players to place rugby bets on. The best thing to do is consider all the odds and statistical information at your disposal and then balance this with your own intuition. Find out about the wins and losses of the teams and players and information about the whole tournament, such as fixtures. It’s also highly recommended that you read as many expert opinions as possible, regarding rugby teams and players in general and online rugby betting.

You can make your online rugby betting as simple or as complicated as suits you, and cam choose between League or Union wagers. If you enjoy watching the game, you will love the additional thrills and mental stimulation that come with putting money on the outcome.

Super Rugby

Super Rugby is one of the premier rugby competitions in the world which used to only involve franchises from New Zealand and South Africa, but after a 2016 expansion, one team from both Argentina and Japan were added into the competition.

After the popularity of the 2015 Rugby World Cup and especially the performances of the Argentinian and Japanese teams, SANZAR felt the time was right to make Super Rugby more diverse.

There are now 18 teams from four different divisions which requires more travelling, but it has opened up the competition to a more worldly audience. New Zealand are represented by five teams, South Africa added another team in 2016 to take them to six teams and Argentina and Japan’s squads were added to the Africa bracket.

Due to the success of Super Rugby, punters from around the world have started to see the value in betting on rugby. It is arguably the best league to make money from as the points spread, lines and head-to-head lines are always in the bettors favour.

Super Rugby kicks off every year around February and every game is available to bet on. Founded 20 years ago in 1995, betting on Super Rugby has only increased with time and punters are getting great value with bookmakers.

Super Rugby betting markets

There are over 65 different markets to choose from which include all the punting favourites. Head-to-head, points spread, totals betting and margin betting is all included with every bookmaker, plus some more interesting betting options.

Pick your own line is a popular option in all sports across and it’s no different for Super Rugby. Punters that don’t like the look of the line being offered by bookmakers can pick their own for a different price.

If the bookmaker line is set at 9.5 and you want a few extra points for safety, then you can take that option for smaller odds. +12.5 instead of +9.5 would be around $1.57, but those extra points can be the difference in a win or a loss.

First tryscorer bets are also extremely popular as they are often resulted quickly. Bettors will get a good price for any player to score the first try of the game and you don’t have to stress the entire game to know if you’re going to cash.